Monday, July 02, 2007

Sponsored Walk 2007

Well it's not sure whether the braincells of the intrepid walkers were intact. Weather forecasts seemed to suggest torrential rain was due at some point during the day. For pictures of the rain see Six Tame Sides. It was decided to do the route the opposite way to previous attempts as the climb up from Droylsden is pretty tough when you have already done about 12 miles. Bob had also found us an alternative route out of Curzon Ashton which although being on a signed footpath seemed to have been a route through a jungle and Topsy's legs certainly felt the wrath of the nettles but what do you expect when walking round in shorts. Considering the forecast we didn't do too bad but we had a massive cloudburst in Audenshaw and managed to dodge showers throughout until the deluge that seemed for a moment like Stalybridge may wash away. Well done to all the walkers and hopefully plenty of funds will therefore be raised for our club. If anybody still wishes to sponsor any of us it certainly isn't too late. Oh and a big thankyou to Mrs.Dydo for the bacon butties.

The start of a rather long day.

Still a few smiles.

Curzon Ashton

The sun is still shining at Droylsden, just before our 30 min wait for Topsy's bacon butty where he was allegedly seen running round the back of the shop to catch the pig!!

Smiffy checking his pics.

Bob's only been officially one of the board for hours and he's caught taking pictures of Stalybridge Celtic!

It looks like they're listening or having a board meeting!!

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